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Stepup.io – editing YouTube videos to help you learn languages

By Memrise Blog

Today I met a startup called Stepup.io, who have built a tool that lets you cut up any youtube video into “steps”. The steps loop round and you can annotate and embed the stepped-up videos on other sites. I’ve seen other companies that create that kind of videos to help you study languages, but this is the first time I’ve seen a company that lets users do it for themselves, and aims to build a community of people creating them to help each other learn. That gets me excited.

This morning, before I met with Stepup, I was planning – a touch lazily I must now admit – to post a rambling 40 minute video of a talk I gave at the London Edu-Games meeting last week. But after I met them I thought I’d use Stepup to cut it into a few bite sized chunks; a kind of highlights reel. Which seems kinder to potential viewers as well as an excellent opportunity to try out the tool. Here’s the result:


You can click on each “Step” to play them. They loop by default, which I think would work well on a language video; it seems less ideal when it is me rabbiting on in English, of course. I found the UI to edit the video to take a little bit of getting used to, but mainly because it is actually easier than I expected. With a couple of tweaks it could be even simpler and faster – I’m sure they will nail that soon.

Stepup.io are still very early stage and are refining the product all the time – I’m already really excited by it though. Can any Memrisers see ways that you can use Stepup to help you learn? Or are there ways that you’d like to see us make use of the technology inside Memrise – for example embedding very short video samples of words and phrases as mems seems like a rich potential vane (though I’m not sure how technically challenging…)

If you have any ideas, or if you make any Stepup videos yourselves, please do link to them in the comments!