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What Exactly is Singles’ Day?

Forget Valentine’s Day – how about a festival to celebrate singledom? Singles’ Day is celebrated in China on the 11th of November. As the name suggests, it’s an occasion for singletons to celebrate (or commiserate) their lot. Find out more,… Continue reading →

How Chinese is helping me learn Japanese

During my last two years of school around ten years ago, I was lucky enough to be able to study Japanese and then in my final year, I picked up Chinese too. Both of these courses gave me a good… Continue reading →

Boost Your Japanese, Chinese or Korean With These 10 Kick-Ass Expressions

1. The old man lost his horse Japanese: 塞翁が馬  sai-ō-ga-uma Chinese: 塞翁失马  sài-wēng-shī-mǎ Korean: 새옹지마  se-ung-ji-ma Meaning: a setback can turn out to be a blessing in disguise Once upon a time in Ancient China, there was a man who everybody called… Continue reading →

Meet 佳奈 Kana and 艺 Yi: our new Japanese and Chinese Language Specialists

佳奈 Kana – Japanese Language Specialist from Ōsaka, Japan How has your experience of life at Memrise been so far? It is like being a kid again! You need to jump outside the box and liberate your creativity. I’m a… Continue reading →

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