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Take Part in Memrise’s Multilingual Flashmob!

By Memrise Team

Memrise is organising a multilingual flashmob on Sunday 21st May at King’s Cross Station in London. We spoke to Diana Olifirova, one of the chief organisers who will be filming the whole thing, to find out what to expect from the day, and how you can take part.

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What is a flashmob?

A flashmob is when a crowd of people come together in public and do something pretty random and spontaneous, like a dance or a song. The Memrise Multilingual Flashmob is our take on learning languages through movement. By collaborating with the I=U at Open Senses Festival, which is organised by people who are admirers of different cultures and diversity, we’re going to show how easy it is to use dance and music to learn to count from 1 to 8 in 8 different languages, really really quickly!

Will we be on TV?

Ha, it might be on TV but not just yet. On Sunday we’ll broadcast the whole thing on Facebook live, and after the event we’ll edit the videos and upload them to our Facebook and YouTube channels 🙂

Where do people need to be, at what time, and what do they need to bring?

Come to King’s Cross Station on Sunday at 12:30 pm. Meet us in the waiting area right next to the main ‘tickets’ office, across from Pret. You don’t need to bring anything specific, just a smile, a good mood and lots of energy. Oh, and bring your legs – you’ll need them to jump 😀

I won’t reveal exactly what we are going to do, but everything will be very easy and fun to follow and take part in.

We will be filming you, nicely, too! 🙂

Join the event on Facebook!

5E0A1425Diana Olifirova is Memrise’s very own filmmaker and editor. She hails from Kiev, Ukraine, and spends most of her time behind a camera. She was heavily involved in much of 2016’s highly successful Membus campaign, where she travelled Europe filming people talking in their own language.

When she’s not hanging out at Memrise HQ, she enjoys travelling, taking pictures, looking around, dancing, studying Japanese, and sleeping.