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The Membus: Best of Bordeaux

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Leaving St. Malo, we eventually made it through the parading traffic of lorries on strike, with Dave keeping it at a steady 35mph in “solidarity”. We stopped off at Nantes for lunch and had a bizarre encounter with an enormous man-made elephant, which was just cruising through the town picking up passengers along the way (a bit like the Membus really).

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After another terrifyingly close shave with a bridge, we reached the campsite after 14 hours on the road, the journey proving to be an enlightening team-bonding experience. Upon arriving, we learnt it was too late to enter – Sacré bleu! – and that we had to sleep out in the parking lot for the night.

Determined however not to stay there after such a heroic journey, Marie used her natural French charm to secure us pride of place in the heart of the campsite…lakeside!

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The first day, we welcomed Matheus, our Brazilian assistant joining us for this next stretch. He speaks French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English, i.e. the perfect polyglot for our trip. (He learnt all these languages through Memrise by the way).

After showing him the ropes of the bus, we hit the town filming. Along the way, we received an in-depth tutorial about the local jargon from a dapper Bordelais barman (check out the video to learn it yourself), filmed skateboarders skimming across “Le Miroir d’eau”, and soaked up the local art scene at Projet Darwin.

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(Photo credit: Diana Olifirova)

We couldn’t possibly have left Bordeaux without visiting one of the region’s most famed attractions, that is to say, the French phenomenon known as “the château”. So the next day, we went to visit Le château Fonréaud, run by Loic (pictured below) and his family for generations. Following a tour of the estate, its cellars and vineyards, we got the chance to taste their fine vintage wines, and of course film the French natives in their natural habitat.


Bye for now Bordeaux. San Sebastián, here we come!

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