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The Membus in St. Malo

By Memrise Blog


We arrived early in St. Malo, disembarking from the ferry with a great sense of achievement at having officially made it to the continent. But before we could make our way, it was of course our Ukrainian filmmaker Diana who had her passport taken and inspected by the French border control (she’s secretly a spy for the USSR…)

Once free to go, we encountered just the one close shave with a low-lying bridge before reaching our campsite, where we parked up on our pitch in the brooding grey dawn. The first thing we managed to do was cut the campsite’s entire electricity circuit with our over-powerful battery (oops).

It was then all hands on deck to get the bus looking spick and span. With the beds made, cupboards labelled and endless checklists posted on the walls, we headed out to the town centre for dinner and a wander around the old walled city, its turrets tinged by the evening sunlight and the pirate ships’ masts peeking out just above.

Screen Shot of St. Malo

We found an alfresco restaurant where our CEO Ed treated us to “Zee Super Plateau d’Henri”, a dish honouring the great-grandfather of the restaurant’s owner, or as it was presented to us, an overflowing platter of seafood. Upon the arrival of the bill, he tried to make a runner…twice.

The next day, it was time to start filming.


While Ed and Dan were collecting some daring drone footage of the bus, with Dave at the helm down below, the film-making party walked along the coastal esplanade, meeting and shooting both locals and natives from all over France. The stretching seascape, dotted with sailing yachts and iridescent with sunshine, provided the perfect backdrop for the films. See below for “The best videos from St. Malo”.

It was then back to the campsite where we were met by our friendly French neighbours, who not only offered us some of their locally-produced cider, but also put themselves forward (with great enthusiasm) to be filmed for some extra videos. Later on, they even helped us blast out Edith Piaf’s “Je ne regrette rien” for all of St. Malo to hear.

The following day, we bid adieu to Ed, Sophie and Dan, as our first leg of the adventure drew to a close. St. Malo, it’s been a blast. Next stop, Bordeaux!


P.S. As luck would have it, there was a truck drivers’ strike taking place on the precise day we decided to travel to Bordeaux, with lorries blocking off the roads and generally causing havoc. Classic French.

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