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The Membus in Sweden

By Memrise Blog

Upon a balmy August evening in Stockholm, with the sunset irradiating through the archipelago, the Membus team was finally and joyfully reunited with its beloved double decker! There it was, exactly where it was meant to be, standing taller and prouder than all the lowly other mobile homes in Stockholm’s finest camper park. Renato welcomed us back in at the entrance, announcing that night’s menu with his usual enthusiasm: tuna steak with pistachio butter sauce, his new (and by far his greatest) culinary invention of the trip.


More than happy to be back in the bosom of the bus, and joined the next day by our latest Swedish assistants Magnus and Kenny, we were armed and ready to kick off with the Scandinavian video dictionaries! Both keen Memrise users, and very clued-up (luckily for us!) on all the best spots in the city, Kenny and Mag helped us pin down all the locals to film, that is, when the locals weren’t off chasing Pokémons…


Being reunited with the bus, however, of course meant we were presented with all those bus-related challenges that had begun to feel more and more distant over our travels through Germany. Number 1 on the list: a trip to the mechanics (our old favourite) to fix the gearbox, the indicators, and the electric systems. So pretty much everything. No rest for the wicked then!

Although it involved 3 consecutive daytrips (including a melted engine battery one early morning causing a total standstill), thanks to the lovely team at Bus Market Sweden, the bus was fully back in working action – hoorah! A special thanks to the lovely CEO, Russian-born Max, who treated us to a delightful lunch to help us forget all the mechanical woes. And at least it gave our latest assistants a real slice of bus life!


Amidst all this motorized madness, the filming teams spent the days exploring all the islands, from Gamla Stan to Södermalm, visiting Fotografiska and the blue Konserthuset as they went. The final day was spent visiting a variety of start-ups in the city centre, thanks to our CEO Ed Cooke and his wealth of European contacts in the tech world. We particularly enjoyed filming the staff at Tictail, a social shopping platform for up-and-coming designers. Thanks for helping us out!


We moved on next to Orebro, a lovely little town west of Stockholm, where we cycled to nearby nature reserves, checked out the Big Day Out Festival in the central island, and reveled in our 5* campsite (a step up from our Stockholm digs). With the help of our friends Maz (BBC wildlife film-maker extraordinaire) and Igor (robot-maker and the glue that kept the team together through the tough times), we successfully completed the Swedish video dictionary – tack alla!


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Next dictionary, Norwegian!