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The Membusão in Ericeira, Portugal

By Memrise Blog


‘Ladies and gentlemen, please all move onto the right hand side of the bus, as double-deckers are given to tipping over’ our driver declared calmly, as we found ourselves driving down one of Ericeira’s many steep sea roads. Thanks to a mad dash to the other side, the Membusão remained upright, and cruised towards the expansive stretch of surfing paradise ahead.

We made ourselves at home in our hostel apartment, with the Membus parked up below among the local fishing boats. Renato made the most of having a real kitchen by cooking up some fresh fish for the team, which we enjoyed sitting out on our balcony, as the sun set over Ericeira.

balcony dinner

The next morning we welcomed our new assistant, Izzy, from London, who studied Portuguese at university and now travels around Europe for work, but couldn’t resist using her annual leave to see Europe from the top deck of the Membus. Within an hour of her arrival, Renato had already ambushed her with his homemade face mask, and Izzy was surprised to find herself enjoying her first morning in Ericeira slathered in Italian face clay.


Sadly, Marie had to forgo any DIY spa treatments as she was on a serious mission to get the Membus electrics sorted, having spent the past few nights on the bus living in darkness after a mysterious power cut.

After trips to multiple garages following confusing Portuguese directions, they finally found one that was willing to take a look at our very British vintage double-decker. Apparently one of our batteries had melted, which didn’t sound good at all. But luckily a replacement was found and the Membus headed back to Ericeira with it’s lights a-blazing!


Over the next few days, we headed to the beach to soak up the surfing scene for which Ericeira is famous. For the girls, this translated into searching for the hottest surfers to be filmed for the video dictionary (the aesthetic quality of the videos being their main motivation of course).


On our last evening, we went to the town’s biggest (and only) club, Renato armed with a playlist written on the back of a cereal box, which he gave to the DJ to ensure that he could show us his best dance moves. I’m sure the DJ has never had so many requests for Mambo number 5 in one night…

Slack for iOS Upload (3)

The next morning we set off from our new favourite surfing town, sad to say goodbye, but all looking forward to the adventures awaiting the Membus and her crew in Lisbon.

mambus carpark