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The Membusão’s Final Chapter in Portugal: Lisbon

By Memrise Blog


What Lisbon lacked in the sexy surfers of Ericeira, it more than made up for in sardines, antique azulejos, and those insatiably good pasteis de nata.

It was also where I (Miranda) re-joined the team, after a week back home in civilization. However, upon arriving at the bus to find the new driver leading a gym class at the same time as breading some monkfish for dinner, it seemed life on the Membus had become somewhat more refined than I remembered.


The filming brigade hit the town all guns blazing, having doubled in size with the arrival of our latest filmmaker Gustavo (Colombian-born but Portuguese at heart) and a welcomed re-appearance from Artur, ready and game for one final ride in the Membusão. They were so efficient collecting the videos that Izzy even had time to squeeze in a Tinder date with a local Lisboan comedian.

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That day also happened to be Marie’s birthday – Parabéns Marie! – and we spent the evening in the Bairro Alto district, wandering up and down the myriad of tram-lined alleyways, and soaking up all the street party vibes from the “Festas de Lisboa”. Every backstreet was decorated with coloured garlands, and each square had local musicians playing away, creating the perfect celebratory atmosphere.


The morning after, we were determined to show off the Membusão outside the campsite. We drove to Belém, Lisbon’s historic quarter, and managed to park the bus bang in between the monastery and the Berardo museum. The team were equally cultured, spending the afternoon at an international book fair (where, incidentally, Izzy’s date had a book on sale – this guy sounds like a right catch), before enjoying a feast of barbecued sardines at the Praça da Alegria.


It was with heavy heart – and rather heavier stomachs – that we left Lisbon, and travelled down south to Odeceixe, a quaint beach town and our final destination in Portugal. Really we just wanted to get back to the surfers.


And so, 2 weeks, 500 km, 600 locals and 3000 phrases later, the Portuguese leg of our adventure has come to an end, and our Portuguese video dictionary is now complete! Very soon you’ll be able to enjoy this brand new video immersion mode on your favourite app, learning Portuguese directly from the Portuguese themselves. Which, as we all know, is the best way to learn any language…next chapter, Spanish!

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Vocabulary List:

Azulejos – ceramic tiles

Pasteis de nata – custard tarts

Parabéns! – Congratulations/Happy Birthday!

Festas de Lisboa – The Festivities of Lisbon

Praça da Alegria – The Square of Joy