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The MemPrize in a nutshell

By Memrise Blog

A scientific discovery competition with the mission to uncover the most powerful way to learn


The MemPrize was inspired by the fact that oddly, there’s no scientific consensus on the most effective way to learn vocabulary. Scientists simply don’t know. So in collaboration with Professor David Shankd and Dr. Roslaind Potts at UCL, we decided to research this gap by creating a competition.

This open applied-psychology competition is the first of its kind, in which we crowdsourced months of work from the world’s top universities, namely MIT, Oxford, Imperial, Washington State, Cambridge, various European consortia, and Stanford. They took up the challenge of trying to invent the ultimate learning methodology.

The competition was announced over a year ago and has now come to a conclusion. The world’s top brain scientists have created wildly different new learning systems, which were put to the test in a global online learning experiment. The selected top 5 learning methods were assessed among real people in the real world. Participants learned 80 foreign words in an hour with a test a week later.

It is now time to evaluate whether the world’s top cognitive science departments are able to answer the question of Memrise’s capacity to produce the best and most effective learning technology in the world.

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Fun facts about the competition

1# This is the first experiment in the history of psychology that objectively compares the effectiveness of a multitude of independently conceived learning methodologies.

2# The MemPrize is one of the biggest experiments in the history of psychology with 50k participants.

3# Three of the methods led to a greater-than-doubling of memory performance compared to Flashcards, which is perceived as the standard learning technique.

What do the results mean to the world?

The results and data are now in and Memrise has already integrated numerous learnings into our methodology. Participants are under the impression that the results are likely to have a lasting impact on learning science.

The winners will be announced within the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news about the world’s best brain scientists making learning more powerful.

We are writing education technology history!


Find out more about the competition here!