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The Memrise February Goal Setter Challenge

By Memrise Blog

Germans have Zeitplan, French horaire, Finns aikataulu, Hungarians időbeosztás, Italians even call it il sofferenza, Portuguese punição and Polish cierpienie.

We have taken the pain of sticking to promises and turned it into a super easy and actually pleasurable Goal Setter. What’s even more fun, starting using Goal Setter can get you a Memrise T-shirt, pack of stickers or free upgrade to Premium plan.

The only thing you have to do is set yourself a goal for any course and reach that goal 12 days in a row during the month of February.

Everyone who sets a goal and hits it for 12 consecutive days will be entered into a prize draw:

  • 5 people who have selected the toughest 20,000 point goal get a prize pack with Memrise Premium, T-shirt and a set of stickers

  • 15 people who have selected the medium 6,000 point goal get a Memrise T-shirt with a pack of stickers

  • 30 people who have selected the lowest 1,500 point goal get a pack of stickers, special ones that match your Memrise rank.

How to start:

  1. Go to your dashboard or courses page, choose one or more courses where you want to make progress, click on the Goal Setter button and select your daily goal level.

  2. Start learning.

  3. At the end of each learning or reviewing session you will see how many points you still have to do to reach the daily goal.

  4. Once you’ve reached your daily goal, you’ll see it on your dashboard, too.

  5. Throughout the 12 days challenge streak you should stick to the goal level that you selected on the first day. Not to worry, you can change the Goal Setter later, but to enter the prize draw, the level has to remain the same.

  6. You can set different levels for different courses and enter the draw as many times as you have courses with a goal.

UPDATE: * you can enter the draw as many times as you’ve set yourself goals for different courses. E.g you are learning 7 courses and have decided to set 1,500 point goal for one and 20,000 point goals for two courses and reach those goals at least 12 days in a row. This means that you will participate with 1 entry for the 1,500 point draw with 30 prizes and 2 entries for the 20,000 point draw with 5 prizes.

  • if you reach the goal in one course fro 24 days in a row, this still counts as 1 entry, not 2 entries for 12 days each.

  • you have to stick to the goal you chose on the first day of the streak. You can stop and change the goal, but you must reach that new goal 12 days in a row before 28th February

  • The full 12 day streak has to be completed between 1st and 28th February 2015

  • Make sure you have enough words left to learn in the course before setting a goal for the challenge. We estimate that with 60 words left to learn in a course you should be able to hit the 1,500 point daily goal, with 200 words to learn the 6,000 point goal and with 500 words the 20,000 goal.

Head to your dashboard to set a goal now and get started!