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The Return of the Membusito: our adventures in Andalucía

By Memrise Blog


And so we crossed the Spanish border once again – ¡Viva el Membusito! – this time entering into the Southern lands of Andalucía, with all the blue skies, bougainvillea, and Enrique Iglesias you could ever hope for. There were also a few more Brits abroad than you could ever hope for, but that sure didn’t stop us in our mission to seek out as much local Andalucian life as possible.


And where better to start than in sunny Seville, toasting the new team over a bowl of caracoles (snails), and some tantalizing tapas at a back alley bodega. We met Rubén, our young half Spanish, half Irish filmmaker, who soon became the resident expert in finding us the best sports bars to watch those crucial (and cultural) Euro football matches. He’s chosen to support Spain over Ireland this time. Wise choice.


We also had the pleasure of welcoming on board the lovely Jon and Erich, two of our Kickstarter backers, who’d travelled from Switzerland to join us for the week! They mucked in straight away with the welfare of the bus, buying razor blades to scrape the paint stains off the windows, and casually mixing mojitos for some light refreshment afterwards. Jon and Erich, you can come again any time you like.

In Seville, we soaked up a variety of the local cultural scene, starting highbrow with the Alcázar. We explored the palace’s maze of chambers, resplendent with ceramic mosaics and illuminated baths, and chilled out with the parading peacocks in the garden. We spent our final evening dancing the night away at Seville’s top alfresco discoteca.


During the taxi ride home, we got a true lesson in the local accent. Or rather, a totally unintelligible tirade from the taxi driver, who appeared to be lost and telephoning a friend for help, but could have been wishing his grandmother goodnight for all we knew.

We then made our way to Marbella where Michaela, head of product at Memrise, came to join the party, quite literally. She arrived Friday night to find us dancing upon a cushion we’d transformed into our very own makeshift flamenco square. She was on an important research mission into the making of the new video immersion mode, amidst the odd beachside cocktail and foot massage, that is.


After several very happy days upon Marbella’s extensive coast, filming, doing admin, and rocking up a grand total of 7 in beach bat and ball, we ended our Andalucian adventures with a day trip to the exquisitely beautiful town of Ronda. Along the way, we captured our favourite moments of the trip with our brand-spanking new Lomo Instant Wide camera – thanks Lomography for gifting it to us!


Renato, as ever, kept the team in the best shape possible over the week. If he wasn’t out decimating Marbella’s wild aloe vera plants to provide us with shampoo, he’d be charming us out of police fines, helping us with our abs exercises, and whisking up gazpacho, home-made pesto and blueberry smoothies for dinner (we bought a blender and it’s now his new favourite toy).

With Campo de Criptana, Valencia and Barcelona as the next stops in the Membusito’s third and final stage, the Spanish chapter of our video dictionary is very soon to be complete!

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