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Tri-weekly update : 14 October

By Memrise Blog

Hello Memrisers. This is a tri-weekly update to cover all the changes made in the past three weeks… Sorry it has been so long since the last update – it has been delayed by a whole team away day, a day of illness, and the general busy atmosphere as we expand to many more users than we have had to deal with before!

New Features

1. Mems Optional

Mems are a unique way to remember things, but they can slow down the learning process for many simple items. They are now optional – switch the ‘Always load mems’ checkbox at the bottom of mem selection to choose whether you want mems to always appear first. You can also choose to not choose any mem for the current item by clicking the ‘Go without a mem’ link that is also at the bottom.

Always load mems option

2. Editing Improvements

The editing tools have been under continuous improvement as we aim to make it easier and faster to create and update your courses. Here’s a list of the things we have been up to:

  • The ‘Add Item’ interface was improved to search faster and give you a full preview of the items you are drawing from the dictionary to add to your course.
  • The ‘Bulk Add’ functionality was improved and turned into a dialog. There is a much higher 1000 item limit as well.
  • ‘Delete Column’ was moved into the ‘Edit Column’ dialog that appears when you click the column header
  • The ‘Add Column’ tools were re-written into a single dialog that gives you more information about what you are doing and explains what attributes are used for.

Add Column Dialog

3. Speed Improvements

The site came under heavy load recently as we expanded to many more users and reached the technical limits of the hardware we were running on. If you experienced slow load times, we apologise; these issues have been dealt with and we should also be running faster than before. Additionally, extra failsafes have been added – for example, learning sessions will wait to save all of your learning progress before closing.

Bug Fixes / Tidying Up

  • Courses now have a variety of colourful default course pictures
  • Esperanto is now available as a source language for courses
  • Login with Facebook was fixed for Adblock Plus users
  • Failed login with a pre-selected url now works
  • Pressing a non-answer number on multiple choice no longer freezes it
  • It is now possible to show the attribute columns on items whilst editing levels
  • It is easier to delete items whilst editing with the delete icon on the left
  • “Overwater” only shows up at the correct time on level pages
  • You can now access the ‘Edit Column’ dialog from the levels page by clicking on the column header in any level