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Tri-weekly update : 27 November

By Memrise Blog

Hello again Memrisers! Time for another tri-weekly update of features and bugfixes from sunny (!) London.


1. Upgrade to Premium

The biggest thing to mention is the Upgrade button at the top of the site! If you haven’t checked out the set of features we’re offering on Memrise Premium, please check it out 🙂 Also, if you’ve applied to join the beta testing team, we look forward to letting you try out the features in advance.

2. Emails

Emails have received an overhaul. The base template we use has been re-done, and is now mobile-friendly so if you’re reading up about Memrise on your phone it should now look slick. Some tweaks have also been made to the emails we send out.

For new users, we’ve added a set of emails that explain the main features of Memrise, to make it easier to get started.

For regular users, you may have noticed the updated “items ready to water” email, which now lists all the new items you have to water, and links you straight into the watering session in most cases. Additionally, course contributors now receive emails for new threads in course forums, which will make courses much easier to maintain. It is now also possible to opt out of the ‘new thread in course’ emails from the email settings page.

3. Architecture

Memrise now runs on all-new servers, thanks to our new sysadmin Renaud. He has worked very hard on setting up everything afresh, and we’re now a lot more stable and coping with the userbase growth. Hats off to him!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the serving of SWF files to never fail
  • The dashboard course tabs now list the number of items you’re learning/teaching
  • The terms of use had a minor update
  • Course names may no longer start with spaces
  • When redirected to the login page because you’re not logged in, a message appears saying you’re being prompted to log in to continue
  • Some emails had the potential to spam you by sending >1 time – this has now been stopped.