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Tri-weekly update : 4 November

By Memrise Blog

Hello again Memrisers, time for another tri-weekly update. The site has not gone under much user-facing changes recently, which is why the frequency of updates is currently low – there isn’t much to report without using programming speak!


We recently saw a large increase in the number of users on Memrise, and as such we had to do a lot of work to ensure the site continued to work at a useful speed 🙂 Sorry for any outages/slow speed you have seen during this time, and thank you for patience! We’re in a much better position now with a number of under-the-hood changes applied – page load times are now much better than they were before (on average – your region may have been affected more/less). We’ll continually be pushing for improvements in this area.

App updates

The app was recently updated – the main new feature is a selection of mobile-friendly beginner’s courses that now appear under the sectioned “More Courses” feature. It also has some stability and speed fixes.

Bug fixes

Many bugfixes have been applied. Thanks for all of your detailed reports!

  • Profile pages: unlisted courses don’t appear on “Courses”
  • Profile pages: courses a user is contributing to also appear under “Teaching”
  • Facebook signups can no longer produce unreadable usernames in rare cases
  • Audio recording stability whilst editing has improved
  • When you answer a test with a non-tested column (e.g. answering PinYin instead of English), the timer now resets properly
  • The email for “X has followed you” can no longer generate multiple copies
  • The confirmation dialog for deleting items whilst editing was restored
  • The mem selection had its appearance fixed for when tall mems appear