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We (finally) have Dark Mode 😅

By Memrise Team

“Any chance for dark mode?”
“Can we please have a dark theme for when we learn on a night?”

Yes, those are actual comments from our users asking for Dark Mode. And now, the highly anticipated Dark Mode is here! Still the same fastest-way-to-learn-a-language app, only darker. Check it out:

It’s like, how much more dark could this be? And the answer is none. None more dark.

The Dark Mode rises.

You underestimate the power of the Dark Mode.

Hello Dark Mode my old friend (well, it’s actually very new)

Slick and edgy looks aside 😎, Dark Mode is also less strenuous on your eyes and saves on your phone’s battery. That means you can learn more for longer, or you could even have a sneaky Memrise sesh while the ads are playing at the movies (who watches those, anyway?) Go try it out! Log in to your Memrise app, click on this magic link that’ll take you straight to your App Settings where you can turn on Dark Mode. 


P.S. You can stop tweeting us about Dark Mode now, please 😬