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We met an Overlord!

By Memrise Blog

We had the pleasure of having one of the famous Memrise Overlords pay us a visit in the office this past month. So we grabbed the opportunity and had a quick chat with him to find out what inspires him to learn. Have a read to learn from the best!

Robert lives in Turin, Italy. He signed up to Memrise in June 2013 thanks to his wife’s suggestion. They both enjoy learning on both the web and apps, however, the website is his real preference. Robert mainly focused on English courses in the beginning, but then decided to widen his background of knowledge and started learning Spanish, German and French as well.

He also enjoys contributing to Italian courses to perfect them for other users. However, he does not create a lot of courses himself, he is mainly a contributor. He laughed as he told us an anecdote about the one time he had commented so much on one of the courses that the course creator simply said “ok the course is yours, take it.”


The Overlord with a fellow Italian, our Lead Android Developer

“I created a polyglot course for many languages,” he explained, “I feel people prefer to study languages separately, one after the other. However, I wanted to try this idea, because personally I find it useful to have a vocabulary word in all the languages you are learning right next to each other.” Robert is aware of the fact that most people might prefer other language pairings, he still enjoys learning with his course, which contains English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. Check it out here!

While Robert’s main passion lies in languages he also frequently learns music history courses. He mainly chooses “no typing” courses to be able to learn faster. Nevertheless Robert now has about 1000 items to review daily, so he has stopped joining new courses to be able to concentrate and not forget previously learnt vocabulary.

When asked who motivates him to learn so much, he smiled and with no doubt said it’s his wife.

Robert finds mems useful when he comes across words that are hard to remember. He creates mems by taking photos of the words’ definitions, which has proved to be helpful. We asked him about his popularity on Memrise, he told us that in the beginning he hardly had any mempals, but as he started earning more and more points, more and more users started following him. He also talks proudly of the moment he became an overlord, he remembers it very well. It was a year ago at the end of December.

Having said that, Robert has now slowed down, he does not have the time to keep up with his mempals on Memrise. But why would he need to keep up? He’s an overlord, how much better can he get?

Finally we asked Robert for a few tips and tricks for others hoping to conquer the Overlord rank. He said the fastest way to make points is to learn “no typing” courses and be passionate about the topics you learn. The key is to find quality courses and simply learn a lot in order to advance!

Good luck to all of you! Happy learning!