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Web Update 09/10/15

By Memrise Blog

Hi everyone,

This week’s update to the website contains mostly bug fixes and performance improvements. The most notable fix is that Difficult Words sessions on the website will not increase the time until that word becomes due for review again. This solves the problem caused when words studied through multiple difficult words sessions were being marked as known extremely well. The fix will come to the apps soon as well.

We are conducting a lot of research at the moment into improvements to the way we model the strength of your memory for each word based on your overall performance (in each language) and on the overall difficulty of each word (based on how hard the millions of other people learning on Memrise find that word). So more changes are on the way!

Some other bug fixes include:

  • Improving the loading speed of Premium statistics.

  • Improving dashboard loading performance for power users.

  • Fixing the word count on the level page.

Finally, we’ve also done almost all of the set up on the back end and content creation tools for the upcoming video immersion learning mode. Stay tuned!

Memrise Web Team.