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Web Update 29/09/15

By Memrise Blog

Hello everyone,

This week Memrise’s web update is all about badges. In order to make learning more fun and ever more motivating on Memrise, we have introduced a system of badges which you can earn by successfully completing a learning challenge, be it reaching a new rank or completing your goals three times in a row. You can view the slots for these badges in your profile card on the dashboard and let’s start filling them!

In addition to the badge system, we have also added some minor improvements to the website. Most notably, having completed tests we’ve been running on a subset of Memrisers over the last few weeks, we’ve rolled out the audio tests to everyone. There will show up on the courses where they proved most popular in testing – but if you are learning a course that you think should have audio tests enabled, please do email us to let us know and we can turn them on!

And please don’t forget, our Back to School Competition will conclude in a few days. If you reach the top 50, apart from the previously mentioned goodies, you will also receive a shiny badge on your profile to celebrate your achievement!

Happy learning! Memrise Web Team.