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Weekly Summary: 13th September

By Memrise Blog

This is the summary for last week – I have only gotten round to writing it today as I was away on Friday!

New Features

Most progress this week was on improving our first-time user experience. This does mean that unless you are starting as a new user, you are unlikely to see any of the things we did! Here are some of the items that were addressed:

  • The front page of the site (when not logged in) explains Memrise more clearly
  • The first dashboard experience has been improved
  • The first experience of learning has been improved
  • It is no longer possible to generate a ‘trial account’ by clicking ‘start learning’ when you are not logged in – this will prevent the headaches some users experience when not logged in!
  • The header of the website shrank a bit so more content can be seen ‘above the fold’ – and the create button appeared in the header for easier access to course creation.

Additionally, work has continued on the Editing side of the site – Lists and Courses are being merged into a single concept, with one-level courses taking on a simplified list-like appearance. This will make lists both more powerful and easier to understand.


  • The ‘Your mistake’ difference system for typos has been updated to include a toggle switch so that you can switch between what you typed and where you went wrong. This setting remembers itself across learning sessions as well
  • When creating a course, it will now draw from our highly-curated Dictionaries if possible
  • The “Sorry, you typed the …” feature on typing tests was fixed
  • The Level page was improved to emphasize the level’s title over its number
  • ‘Learning’ and ‘Teaching’ are now separate tabs on the Dashboard
  • Users whose ‘Teaching’ tab would not load will find it now does