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Weekly Summary: 16th August

By Memrise Blog

New Features

1. New Test Type

A new test type has been released across thes site! Dubbed the ‘tapping test’, it allows you to rearrange the words in text answers featuring multiple words. It replaces multiple choice questions at certain points in planting and watering, when the answer is appropriate. You can answer by clicking on the words, using the arrow keys and enter, or pressing the number keys that correspond to the words (labels will appear).

Tapping Test Screenshot

The tapping test was previously released on a few courses where it performed very well. It may not be suitable for all content types though (see below for how to disable it). We are working on giving course creators more control over its apperance. (Forum Thread)

2. Learning Options

Learning Options has been added as a new tab under settings. Here you can customize the site in a few ways – change the number of pinned courses on your dashboard, disable the on-screen keyboard for typing tests, and also disable the new test type if you don’t like it. More options will be added in the future for further customization of your experience. (Forum Thread)

Learning Options

3. Staff badges

Staff Members display a ‘Staff’ badge by their username on the profile page and hover card, so you know who you are talking to.

Staff badge

Bug Fixes

  • Images for certain screen sizes have been improved
  • The url structure for editing courses has changed
  • Learning sessions now pause if you switch tab before they have finished loading.

These weekly summary posts will continue to be released each Friday to announce all the changes on the site.