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Weekly Summary: 23rd August

By Memrise Blog

New Features

1. Disabling the tapping test

Since the release of the new test type last week, we have seen a mostly positive review. There are still a few cases where the test is unsuitable, and we have been working to iron these out.

Firstly, there is a new course-configuration option to de-activate the test type on a per-column basis, the same way you can de-activate typing tests. To do so for a course you are editing, go to the relevant database, click on the column header, and in the dialog, uncheck the ‘enabled’ flag for the tapping test.

Disable the tapping test

Secondly, to improve the transition, the test has been automatically disabled for all columns in all courses where the typing test was previously disabled. Course editors are now free to re-enable it if they wish.

There are still some cases where this test doesn’t fit. Make a post in the Forum Thread to notify us as we work to iron it out.

2. Planting

Don’t panic! Planting sessions have changed slightly, reverting to their ‘old behaviour’ (from back in March). You can now complete planting of an item in one session (if you don’t make any mistakes). Additionally any partially-planted items will be recycled into the next session, rather than being delayed.

It will now be easier again to plant only part of a level, and leave it, without having items half-grown. (Forum Thread)

3. More Learning Options

The learning options, as released last week, have been expanded. You can now increase the size of your planting and watering sessions, as well as speed up the loading of the Garden by skipping the loading animation.

See Settings >> Learning to tweak these. (Forum Thread)

Learning Options

4. Review

The review function has seen some re-thinking this week. It no longer appears as an arrow, but as a button – this is mostly to indicate the change in keyboard shortcut. Previously the shortcut was both down arrow and escape. Since many users have found down arrow to conflict with their typing, it is now only escape.

Additionally, pressing review for a test you haven’t answered yet will now behave correctly – it was always counted as ‘wrong’ for the repetition, but it will now also re-insert tests in your current session. (Forum Thread)

5. Nicer login/sign up screens

Check out the new style – it’s almost worth logging out for!

Memrise Login Screen


  • Editing the text of an item now only requires one click
  • The tapping test will now never appear on image/audio columns
  • The ‘show more’ setting is now saved between learning sessions
  • Image quality across the site has been improved
  • Speed optimizations were made across the site
  • Attempting to reset your password when you don’t have one (due to signing up via Facebook) will now notify you that this is the case