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Weekly Summary: 23rd September

By Memrise Blog

After a better readership last week, we’ve started publishing the Weekly Summary every monday rather than Friday!

New Features

1. ‘Lists’ merged back into Courses

Although Memrise is good for large courses with multiple levels, lists have also been popular for adding personal or private learning materials quickly. In fact, over half of the courses on Memrise were created with only one level. We were developing ‘Lists’ as entirely separate entities in an experimental form, but this week saw them being merged back into ‘Courses’ – this simplifies a lot of things and adds some missing features to ‘Lists’.

Course in 'List Mode'

We now refer to everything as a course, but when a course has only one level, it is in list mode. A course can go back and forth between the modes, dependent on whether an editor adds or removes levels.

For learners, list mode only means that there is no ‘levels’ page, and instead you are presented with the list of items in the course immediately. It is now also possible to access the course forum, leaderboard, and mems tabs – which were all inaccessible on ‘Lists’ created in the past.

For editors, list mode presents a simpler, faster interface. The ‘Items’ tab merges in some of the most useful functionality from the ‘Databases’ tab whilst we hide the other more complex features. To ‘upgrade’ a course into levels mode, just click the ‘Add level’ button at the bottom, which will also restore access to the ‘Databases’ tab and its more complex features.

More upgrades are being worked into the editing experience, especially for lists, so keep an eye on them as they evolve.


  • When changing Testing Direction during editing, there is now a ‘swap’ button
  • When searching a database for items, matches are now considered in the whole wording, not just the start
  • Some categories which were previously missing icons have gained one
  • Browse page displays more category icons correctly
  • Fixed a bug in learning where it was possible a mem could be presented with a wrong rating after thumbing it up
  • Leaderboards now break down scores with commas so the numbers are easier to read