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Weekly Summary: 30th August

By Memrise Blog

New Features

1. Level Page Improved

New Level Page

The level page has been revamped extensively. The header for the site and course now remains, giving you better navigational options, the items are nearer the top, and there are a few more functions exposed to learners. You can now both preview and restart the level using the ‘Learning options’ button.

Additionally, ‘Practice’ has been renamed ‘Overwater’ to bring the language in line with the full course options. Multimedia levels should also look a bit nicer as they have more space. Forum Thread

2. Typo Feedback Improvement

Typo Diff

If you make a typo, Memrise asks you to retype the item in question. The feedback you see now includes the difference between what you typed and the correct answer.


  • French courses that couldn’t fetch new words from the Dictionary have been fixed
  • A new learning option for watering only 10 items at a time was added
  • The accuracy counter was corrected for wrong answers
  • Accesskey R was added as a shortcut for Review, which may be more convenient to press than Escape.
  • The review process was fixed for certain combinations of answering + pressing review
  • Fixed the editor ‘remove image’ icon is always visible