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Weekly Summary: 6th September

By Memrise Blog

Downtime on Monday 🙁

Sorry for the downtime that the site experienced at the start of the week. This was due to the domain getting blocked by our registrar because Ed forgot to pay for renewal. Here is his apology, if you haven’t seen it yet:

Accordingly, Ed has been demoted from CEO to Intern, and Mousha the cat has taken the place as CEO. The Team Page has been updated accordingly.

New Features

1. Editing Tools Improved

The main area of the site that saw attention this week was the course editor. Many incremental improvements were added that should make it easier to edit courses. The editor now looks like this:

Course Editor

Here’s a list of some of the improvements:

  • The navigation matches the course view more closely, with better tabs for the different pages
  • The ‘Contributors’ function has been expanded into its own tab. It now provides a better explanation of how it works, and shows users’ profile pictures, and autocompletes usernames out of the list of mempals you are following
  • ‘Levels’ is the default tab when clicking ‘Edit Course’
  • Clicking the database name in a level’s header takes you through to its database page
  • You can now rename a database by clicking on its name
  • Only the creator of a course can delete it, so adding contributors is a bit safer


  • ‘Word/Definition’ labels have been replaced in many courses with language labels to make them easier to understand
  • The ‘Your mistake’ system on copytyping tests that was released last week has been tweaked to only display when it is easy to understand. You will otherwise see the old ‘You wrote’ behaviour
  • When answering by pressing numbers in the tapping test, if there are more than 9 words then the every number will be double digits (i.e. 1-9 will start with 0)