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Win $1000 in our September Back-to-School Learning Competition

By Memrise Blog

Summer vacation is over, and it’s the perfect time of year to get back into some serious learning!

To celebrate, we’re having a Memrise-wide learning competition (or ‘mem-athon’ as we like to say) in September, with cash prizes! Note that although this is a “Back-to-school” learning competition, anyone on Memrise is eligible to get involved.

The competition’s very simple: the person who learns the most new words in September will win $1000! 2nd prize is $300, and 3rd prize is $150. The next 50 competitors will each receive sought-after Memrise prize-packs (with T-shirts, caps and other goodies). The full Competition rules and regulations can be downloaded and digested here.

It’s important to stress that the winner will be judged according to the total number of new words that are in long term memory, not just those that have been seen. So you can’t just binge on learning new words: you’ll need to make sure they are ‘healthy’ (which means that they aren’t due to be reviewed) at midnight on the 30th of September. So be sure to keep on reviewing them when Memrise tells you they are due!

Good luck and we’ll keep you updated with the community’s heroic efforts over the course of the month!