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Win $1,000 in the January Mem-athon!

By Memrise Blog

New year’s resolutions can be irritatingly ephemeral beasts. Forged in heady moments of unbounded optimism, unfettered by unpalatable considerations of how they will be maintained, they are wont to vanish sooner than a New Year’s day headache.

But not this year.

This year many of us are making resolutions to learn a new language. I, for example, am going to be learning Welsh. I want to make sure that I – and everyone else who is setting themselves the target to learn a new language – get off to the right start in January. So we’re offering a $1,000 cash first prize to the person that learns the most new words of another language this January – plus another $1,000 worth of other bounty for the runners up.

The great Memrise 2015 January Mem-athon is open to anyone that the law allows to enter – the full Competition rules and regulations can be downloaded and digested here . All you need to do is login or signup (for free) to Memrise and start learning words in another language. And keep on learning more and more new words until the end of January.

You can’t just binge on learning new words though – you need to make sure they are ‘healthy’ – which means that they aren’t due to be reviewed – at midnight on the 31st of January. So be sure to keep on reviewing them when Memrise tells you they are due!

Good luck, and a very Happy New Year!