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Winners of the April Course Creation Challenge

By Memrise Blog

The April Challenge was all about creating interesting, useful, fun courses with rich content. 49 courses were submitted and it was quite a challenge to choose the best ones.

Here are the top 5 for Language and General category (in no particular order). All language courses were included in one category as there were too few standardised test courses this time.

Best language courses:

The 50 useful French words is a good introduction to usable vocabulary, the Mandarin and Swedish courses were longer than expected, but their content was well thought through and very rich. 50 Italian Signs will surely be one very popular course among Memrise users and tempted part of the challenge jury to hop on a plane and practice some sign-spotting in the authentic environment. And, our 17 non-native English speaking team members were especially appreciative for the commonly confused English words course.


This selection of winners emphasises the variety of cultures in the world. Many of you came up with entertaining courses and selecting the five best ones was not an easy task. However, the Swedish food course is an excellent source of knowledge for gastronomical miracles of that Scandinavian country, Coffee course surprised everyone with its level of detail, National Anthems is going to be a useful course for pub quizes and next European Championships in anything. Japan’s World Heritage Sites competes heavily with the next edition of Lonely Planet guide book and just about everyone loved the Beards and Moustaches.

Congratulations to all the course creators, you all have done an amazing job and we will be promoting many of the courses in coming weeks. And special thanks to all the winners – we will be contacting you about where to send the congratulations and prizes 🙂