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10 Must Read Spanish Books

Spanish is not only one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It’s also one of the most widely read. Spanish boasts an impressively large and diverse canon of literature, written across the entire world. Learning Spanish gives… Continue reading →

¿Sabes any Spanglish? Or maybe, un poco de inglañol?

“Spanglish” – You have most likely heard this word before. Or maybe “Inglañol”? Whether you have heard it before or not, you can probably hazard a guess at what it might be. Spanglish is the fascinating result of Spanish and… Continue reading →

Why French is much easier to learn than English

French is the language of love. With its romantic cities, world-class wines, delicious cuisine, and stunning coastline and beaches, who wouldn’t want to learn this beautiful language? Well, as it turns out, many of us have a sort of fear… Continue reading →

Portuguese and Spanish: What’s the difference?

Back in the day, both Portuguese and Spanish both evolved from Latin, and so naturally, they both have many similarities. Many Portuguese speakers even find it very easy to understand Spanish, and vice versa. This also makes it much less… Continue reading →

12 Celebrities Who Speak Many Languages

Many of us look at our heroes or celebrities with a curious fascination. We ask, “How did they get there? I could never do anything close to the things they’ve achieved.” Good news is that’s not completely true! What’s something… Continue reading →

European Spanish and American Spanish – what’s the difference?

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? Or should I say, ¿Qué onda?? Or maybe ¿Diay?? Or ¿Cómo estái?? With millions of speakers, Spanish is one of the largest and most-spoken languages in the world, and is an official language in 20 countries. Like with… Continue reading →

Why Do People Code-Switch?

Ce moment when you start penser en deux langues at the same temps… ever had it? When people start switching words from different languages into and out of their sentences, it turns out they’re not just been pretentious. Well at least, not… Continue reading →

22 Must-See Spanish Films

Watching films is a great way to learn a new language. Just sit back, enjoy the story and let the language wash over you. If you’re learning Spanish, you’re in luck! Between Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and all the other countries… Continue reading →

Chinese, Japanese and Korean – how different are they really?

Chinese, Japanese and Korean are the three most studied Asian languages, but how similar are they? How much can learning one help you master the other two? Where do these languages come from? There are various theories about the origins… Continue reading →

9 Things You Should Know about Mexican Day of the Dead

In Mexico, the “Day of the Dead” or Día de Muertos is one of the biggest dates in the calendar. Here are nine things you should know about it:   1. There’s no such thing as a “Day of the Dead parade”… Continue reading →

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