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We asked you what your favourite English accents were

We asked you what your favourite English accents were     People from all over the world with over75 native tonguesvoted in our survey on 60+ accents and the results are in. Overall, accents from the British Isles* were most revered,… Continue reading →

TOP 7 Romanian Idioms

If idioms offer a unique insight into a language’s culture, wait until you read these Romanian ones! Here are seven of our favourite Romanian idioms for you to read, so you don’t have to stare at someone “like a cat… Continue reading →

Meet Chiara and Ángela: our Italian and Spanish language specialists

Chiara – Italian Language Specialist from Brescia, Italy How has your experience of life at Memrise been so far? In a word, interesting! The first week was like being caught in a tornado of information, with all the new things… Continue reading →

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