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Be careful with these Japanese words!

Let’s explore the many possible ways you can put your foot in it and embarrass yourself by mis-saying Japanese words! Often getting something wrong is the best way to learn how to get it right: “Mistakes are the seeds for… Continue reading →

Portuguese and Spanish: What’s the difference?

Back in the day, both Portuguese and Spanish both evolved from Latin, and so naturally, they both have many similarities. Many Portuguese speakers even find it very easy to understand Spanish, and vice versa. This also makes it much less… Continue reading →

Language learning for the rest of us…

We’ve just released our biggest ever range of new language courses! I wanted to take a moment to explain what the courses are and why we’ve created them. What are the courses? The way we think about learning languages is heavily… Continue reading →

How to Start a Career in Languages?

This month Gabriele Monti, creator of thelanguageclass.co.uk tells us all we have to know in order to kickstart a career in languages. If you’re a passionate language lover keep on reading to find out how to make your passion your… Continue reading →

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