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Avoid These French False Friends!

While French and English languages famously share a large portion of their vocabulary with each other due to common history and close relations, a lot of the vocabulary that is common to both languages has lived different lives and followed… Continue reading →

English around the world

In 2018, the places around the world that are still completely untouched by the English language are few and far between, and the influence of English only looks set to continue growing in the near future. But did you know… Continue reading →

Learn Authentic Japanese With These Films

Different social groups in Japan all use very different language to communicate: just by changing the way you say things you can sound more masculine, girly, scary, young, or even samurai-esque! Let’s watch some Japanese films to learn how to… Continue reading →

Boost Your Japanese, Chinese or Korean With These 10 Kick-Ass Expressions

1. The old man lost his horse Japanese: 塞翁が馬  sai-ō-ga-uma Chinese: 塞翁失马  sài-wēng-shī-mǎ Korean: 새옹지마  se-ung-ji-ma Meaning: a setback can turn out to be a blessing in disguise Once upon a time in Ancient China, there was a man who everybody called… Continue reading →

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